Living Room

1st Floor


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Casa Tomaz Ribeiro



Design, Gastronomy &

Well-being in a

perfect recipe.

Matosinhos is an emotional

haven embraced by the

Atlantic Ocean and the

influential Leixões harbor.

Linked with an industrial

scenario for fishing and sea

related companies, today

Matosinhos is a city that

thrives with prominent and

energetic businesses.

The finest seafood,

our trademark.

Gastronomy wonderland

for cuisine enthusiasts.

Matosinhos is for centuries a safe

haven for the fishing industry.

Leixões harbour is one of the most

important harbors in the north of

the Iberian Peninsula, supporting

the region's economy vitality.

Known by having one of the biggest

European concentrations for

seafood restaurants, the city

is a fundamental destination for

visitors in pursuit of the

freshest and the finest fish.

When Nature and

Design combine.

A design hub.

Being the place that gave birth

to Siza, the most influential

and acclaimed living portuguese

architect, Matosinhos is an

important venue for world

class architecture.

With a leading design school

and with several iconic buildings,

namely the famous Siza’s Tea House

and the late harbor’s welcoming

visitors centre,the city promotes

the best in design and architecture.

The House.

Modernity and functionality.

The house design is based around the

idea of sustainability — to have

a unique design with the best

living experience.


and Convenient.

A family desire.

One of the key ingredients of this

house is its maintenance. Towards

a ecofriendly living, with high

sustainability performance.

525 m2

"It’s a house that lives through its uncomplicated

architecture, where the mutable details colour

the atmosphere."

8 room's

6 bathroom's

Floor Plans.